What went wrong in the land of plenty?

BBC’s “Sydney lockdown extended as Delta outbreak spreads” is a pretty much typical headline, only to be preceded by a “How Delta exposed Australia’s pandemic weaknesses» that genuinely tells a stranger all it needs to know about COVID in Ausrtalia.  https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-57744902

The most notable dramatic issue about Australia’s battle against pandemic is the rate of vaccination: “Australia remains dead last in the OECD for the share of people who are fully vaccinated. Only 4% of the population has been able to get access to vaccines. That’s not because people don’t want it, it’s because Scott Morrison doesn’t have the supply to give it to them».

Deficit of vaccine is a planetary issue. However as we know Moscow has been exporting lots of it old fashioned (actually is it that same generation as AstraZeneca) yet pretty much effective Sputnik V potion around the globe with glowing eyes trying to claim back some of the glory it’s predecessor USSR had got once with the polio vaccine in the early 60-s.  In fact Moscow has been showing restrain in encouraging its own people to vaccinate just to make sure sufficient quantities of vaccine are available to be exported.

All the European regulatory bull about Sputnik V is clearly a bureaucratic exercise tailored to accomplish a non-medical  goal – Europe does not want isolated Putin and his regime to polish the laurels of a COVID angel. That is understandable and appreciated. Politics are important, but what about suffering and dying Australians?

In fact actual Sputnik V’s reputation after nearly a year of administration is much higher than that of AstraZeneca yet “Access to the AstraZeneca vaccine is being expanded to adults under 40, with informed consenthttps://www.health.gov.au/initiatives-and-programs/covid-19-vaccines . And Astra’s supply is definitely still insufficient. Whereas Sputnik V had been out there waiting to be picked up… .

We are sorry for the Australians who have been denied access to a proven effective remedy such as Sputnik V just because… And, by the way, because of what? What made it so hard or impossible for the Australian government agencies and private medics to check on Sputnik V and come back with a meaningful answer?

Does anyone have an answer?